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A list of useful websites, resources and web tools with potential for use in class (I know most websites have these types of lists but these are links I use a lot – I’m not just filling space)


  • Primary Resources – one of the oldest and best resources websites for primary school teachers
  • Primary School – Australian-based resources site for primary school teachers. Organised into KLA/Age
  • Powerpoint Palooza – an American website focussed on Powerpoint teaching resources
  • Scootle – the new home of The Le@rning Federation’s Learning Objects – a HUGE collection of resources organised by topic
  • Ambleside CofE Primary School – An amazing school in the UK with an amazing website – search their resources – it’s worth it!
  • Easiteach – we use Easiteach on our IWBs. This site contains a comprehensive list of teacher-created resources.
  • Interactive Whiteboard Resources – well, do you really need an explanation?

Web Resources and Tools

  • Edmodo – amazing microblogging website designed for educators and students
  • Etherpad – create collaborative documents online in real-time
  • Wordle – awesome graphic word cloud generator – my post
  • Visuword – an amazing visual dictionary and thesaurus
  • Soungle – extensive database of free-to-download sound effects. A format similar to Google
  • Ziptales – superb literacy web program. A regular feature at my school
  • SpellingCity – an excellent online spelling program – FREE – teachers can create lists for students or the kids can input their own words. A rather dodgy voice and different handwriting style the only drawbacks – students can learn / play games / test. We use this daily.
  • SmartKiddies – an excellent numeracy program with games, linked lessons, tutorials, tests and competitions. Haven’t checked if it’s available outside Australia. We have a class group with individual logons. Another daily program.


  • Pivot Stick Figure – free simple animation program
  • Google SketchUp – 3D model creator free from Google.
  • Google Earth – I hope everyone has made use of this at some point, the possibilities are endless – make sure you check out StreetView
  • CrazyTalk – ‘the face puppet animation studio’ –  create talking on-screen character (free-trial)


  • Avatars – we’ve all done the Simpsons thing (and it’s great) here are links to my three favourite avatar creators 

           Mii                   The Simpsons                  Southpark                       Manga

Miin674245588_1534088_6530Southpark avatar    Manga Avatar

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