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Posted by alexfinlayson on June 10, 2009

There have been many occasions during the course of this unit where cross-curricular links have been readily available – one of the most prominent being the teaching of time.


 To access our first Age – The Mechanical Age – we were required to solve a puzzle and make this clock-tower tell the time 2:40. We based our numeracy activities around the addition and subtraction of hours and minutes – I used the wheels (right of the picture) to adjust the time and the students told me how many hours/minutes we needed to add/subtract in order for the clock to read the correct time. A simple yet effective exercise.

In the dentist’s chair we are confronted with this display board. The object is to input the correct data and the screen dentists chair dialson the left will display the relevant constellation. This led to another numeracy linked lesson on the importance of AM and PM and served as an introduction to 24hour time.



We also made key observations on how the scenery changes at different times during the day – creating sunset and sunrise pictures in art and writing descriptive sentences aimed at detailing a particular time of day.


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