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Posted by alexfinlayson on July 25, 2009


Storyline To Be A Drum

I hope you all check out this little gem – especially lower grade teachers – Storyline – Famous stories read by famous people.


It’s great, I’ve been playing around on it all morning and just had to write a little something about it even though its Saturday and I clearly haven’t used it in class.

Some of the celebrities might not be well known to the kids but when it’s the likes of James Earl Jones (who, lets face it, is the voice of Hollywood) I don’t think it will matter…

Presented by the Screen Actors Guild it takes well known children’s stories – To Be A Drum, The Polar Express, Sophie’s Masterpiece, The  Night I Followed The Dog to name but a few and shows videos (your choice of bandwidth) of celebrities reading them. The celebs I looked at were James Earl Jones, Sean Astin, Elijah Wood and Amanda Bynes – all were really well done.

In ClassStoryline Activities

Well as I said its Saturday and I haven’t yet had the chance to use this in class but I definately see it having a place.

  1. Reading group activites
  2. Individual readings
  3. Silent reading for lower ability kids (subtitles of text can be displayed on-screen for them to follow)
  4. As a class project – make a vodcast/website of the same thing with your kids doing the reading.
  5. Generic literacy activities – using some of the many Activity Ideas that come with every story.

Has anyone been using this? Care to share any ideas or comments? I’m going to see about implementing it into my literacy work this work – I’ll start with idea 1 but I reckon idea 4 with the poetry my guys are writing at the moment would be great.

Storyline James Earl JonesAll the best, Mr F


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