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Myst Literacy Unit Plan

Posted by alexfinlayson on June 15, 2009

When I started out on this little Myst adventure I wasted a long, long time trawling the internet searching for ready-made plans that I could *ahem* ‘liberate’ ideas from… I had no success so eventually I just sucked it up and wrote one from scratch…
Now, my plans (much to the delight of my boss) usually look like this…

Typical Plan

So in my search for nice teacher-karma (making up for everything I’ve *ahem* ‘liberated’) I decided to tidy the plan up – present it properly and upload it onto the web so anyone in a similar position has a good jumping off point.
It’s not perfect,  I deleted a lot that was specific to individuals (turned out that was a lot) and it probably won’t be thorough enough but there are a lot of teaching ideas to work with and a few assessment pieces.
You can find it in my Myst page or download directly from here:

Myst Literacy Unit Plan

Credit must go to Graham at Adventure Game Walkthroughs for his excellent guide to realMyst.

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