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Edmodo 3 – In Class

Posted by alexfinlayson on August 12, 2009

Edmodo in ClassEdmodo

 The use of Edmodo in class is the one thing that caused me a few headaches… all the computers in the school bar my laptop were running Internet Explorer 6 and Edmodo requires 7 or better to run. I went through all the appropriate channels and was kindly instructed that I could upgrade two computers to Internet Explorer 8 – I would say that the hassle associated with this (IE8 is a pain in the backside) was worth it for the benefits of Edmodo but now that we can no longer use Edmodo… well… I’ve got nothing to say…

Kind of…

 So I didn’t particularly get to use Edmodo as much as I would have liked but in the small time available we did do a number of really cool things…

 1 Embed Videos


Vid RosenEveryone knows the dangers of using YouTube in class. As educators we have to be extremely careful and sensitive with what we let our kids see. Edmodo eases that burden by swiftly and smoothly allowing any video with an embed code to be placed directly into the posts without any of the extra paraphernalia that causes Youtube-related headaches. Not only that but you can ‘tag’ each post and effectively create a ‘videos’ page where they are all listed. 






2 Embed Flash



Many of you will be aware of the myriad of Flash resources out there – being English I’m a big fan of the BBC Bitesize website and the games/lessons that they freely provide the embed codes for. I have taken a number of these in the past and posted them on Edmodo the night before the planned lesson – thus allowing those attentive kids to get a head-start (turns out that that was nearly all!)

I post these into specific subject groups, tag them and then use them in the lessons.




3 Groups and Tags




I had a group for the three main subject areas Literacy, Numeracy and Science and created tags for subgroups – easily allowing access to digital resources as stated above. If students have subject-specific questions then I encouraged them to post here and we addressed them in class.






4 Links



BBC Bitesize again, subject-specific groups again and tags… again. This time I linked a brilliant game called Questionaut (will blog at a later date) for use on the IWB by fast-finishers. We actually ended up using it a number of times as a starter activity or a group plenary but still; very effective and efficient.




5 Absenses


 In the two weeks that Edmodo was a part of my class I had three different students off school for various reasons – each student logged onto Edmodo just after 9am and talked to the class via the IWB – I even set them work to do! (Cruel I know but they did it!)

I’m sure there are a million more uses but let me end it there… the one thing I will comment on is that we are preparing our students to be safe, confident, positive people in an increasingly risky digital world. Most of my class make private use of MSN, MySpace and Facebook – why should we fear to educate them in the mediums of which they are already familiar? It is our job to guide them in the safe usage of these tools – Edmodo is a wonderful means for this end.


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My First Post

Posted by alexfinlayson on June 9, 2009

I start this blog with the best of intentions and I really hope that it is not something I will leave floating in the junk-yard of cyber-space for a year before deleting (I heard we were running out of space, did you hear that? Perhaps Hotmail shouldn’t have given me 5Gb of free space then – my mum doesn’t email that much!)

The purpose of this blog is to share my own thoughts, ideas and ramblings about education and the use of ICT’s in education. More accurately it will probably be a regurgitation of other peoples ideas because I am an ideas cleptomaniac – so if you come across something that was actually your idea please don’t sue me before I have the chance to give you the appropriate credit.

I’ll start with a simple philosophy –

if they aren’t learning from the way we teach, then we must learn to teach in a way they will learn

Ah! My first cyber-plagiarism. I have no idea who came up with that and I’m sure they did it far more eloquently than I but it sums it up really. Our kids are growing up in a technological age, let’s use what they know to enthuse them and maybe teach them a little something along the way.

 Bare with me people, it may be some time before I organise this place – I’m just going to begin by throwing a heap of things up here!


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