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About Mr F

Alex Finlayson was born in the north of England and slowly moved further away. He now lives in the middle of Queensland, Australia and thinks that’s quite far enough thank you.

He survived school by trying to make people laugh and being good at hiding. Apart from losing the plot a little in the middle of grade 9 he was actually reasonably well behaved.

He’s more surprised than you that he ended up being a teacher – he still chuckles quietly when people call him Sir. He prefers Mr F (really because people have a hard time pronouncing Fin-lay-son / or they’re just lazy)

He originally taught Religious Education in English high schools because he loved arguing with 16 year olds but when he moved to Australia he started to teach primary school.

After learning not to trip over the smaller children he started to enjoy it and found he had a mild talent for using ICT’s in fun ways in the lessons. He decided to start this blog because other people might like to use some of his ideas – he’s not actually that generous – he just really believes in karma and has stolen far too many ideas from other people – he thinks this might redeem him a little.

Alex lives in a small house on 5 acres and when he’s not at school, with his wife, his daughter, his dog, his cats, his ducks or his chickens, he tries to find time for his two great loves – other than the girls of course  – Football and Writing.

He hates the word ‘soccer’

He has a plant called Peter the Peace Lilly – so far he hasn’t killed it.


3 Responses to “About Mr F”

  1. Sophie Elsworth said

    Hi Alex,
    I am a journalist at The Courier-Mail and I saw on Twitter your wife is going to the Pink concert. I’m looking for a Pink fan to be in a story today because she is performing at her last two shows in Brisbane this week. If your wife is interested in being in a story could you please contact me today asap on=====regards, Sophie

  2. Mary said

    Heey Sir, I’m Mary. Pretty sure you don’t remmeber me, but I was “jumping” Blogs and found this one. I’m from Milthorpe in York. I’m guessing your the same Mr F that taught there right?
    How have things been for you then? Most of the “Milly” kids don’t know you, in fact I think only the year 10s an 11s do now… But it’s all cool. We’ve had some new teachers come and go. Your “Teacher most crazy about sport” has gone to a history teacher called Mr Baybutt. He’s a great teacher, kind of reminds you of a pitbull dog. He surports BlackBurn i think. Haha, I’m in his form so I should know, but football has never been my thing. We have a school Teacher’s team though, and they’re amazing. All my boring teachers turn really cool when they play, like Mr Mallen (also knew) who’s really geeky, but then turns into super-cool. It’s weird. The last match they played was against Fulford. 4-0!! 😀 The head teacher is Mr Butterworth at the moment because Mr W is ill.

    Sometimes we still mention Mr F. But noone really cares. That’s understandable. I just wanted to say thank you for being a great teacher. 🙂

    I don’t know what this comment is really that intresting to you, but I hope it’s made you remember all of us!


    P.s Remember you had that other blog up once?

    • alexfinlayson said

      Hi Mary – what a nice comment, thank you. I do remember you, actually, I remember Milthorpe very well – loved me time there and hope to return one day. It’s completely understandable that people wouldn’t mention me – I taught there nearly 3 years ago for 4 months! And you’re right, I did have another blog up for a while but decided to get rid of it – this is more of a professional one. I teach primary school here in Australia and this is just a record of a few things I use in my classes.
      I’m gutted the teachers have a team! I tried to get one going when I was there but not enough interested – all the more reason for me to try and return to Milly one day!
      Mary, it’s always awesome to hear from past students so thankyou for taking the time and effort to find me and write to me – I appreciate it very much
      All the best
      Mr F

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