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Edmodo 2 – Assignments and Homework

Posted by alexfinlayson on August 12, 2009

Edmodo 2 – Assignments and Homework

I am no longer able to use Edmodo but remain hopeful for the future. In my short time using the tool I feel I have learned a lot – largely due to the simple, user-friendly interface and the wonderful support of the head-honchos (through their support group and Twitter) Not to mention the wonderful enthusiasm of my students.

 consoleThe main console of Edmodo has a number of handy features – you can post notes, web links, add documents, embed videos, send alerts (seen as larger than normal text and highlighted in every group members’ ‘Spotlight’ tab) but the one I would like to focus on in this post is the ‘Assignments’ feature.

When you post assignments you can give it a title, add a description, upload or link to documents and then set the due date. This assignment then becomes visible on every group members screen; is highlighted in their spotlight tab and appears on the calendar.



I’ve found that every time I’ve posted an assignment – most students have completed and turned them in well before the due date (for my class this is highly unusual)






I’d like to walk you through the last assignment I posted…

 The post looks like this…








the website I’ve linked to is – a wonderful little program for creating comics within set parameters. The instructions file mentioned can be found here –  Week 5 English – but in brief it asks my students to use the website to create a comic poem – one that can span 4 panels – or can be 4 small poems.

I could then get the students to print out or email me the finished result but the hidden purpose of this assignment is to develop the ability to follow written instructions. With that in mind the instruction sheet guides the students through taking an accurate screenshot, pasting the image, cropping and embedding it into the instructions sheet. They then save the file and go back to Edmodo.

On the students screen they find the assignment and click ‘turn-in’ (I had to explain to my Aussie class what this meant) This leads them to a screen where they can upload the completed homework sheet back onto Edmodo and effectively ‘hand-in’ (for the Aussies) their homework online. They also have the option to add a note/comment when they do this – brilliant.

 A wonderful little feature of Edmodo (one of those extras that really sell the program to me) is Spotlightwhat happens next. As soon as the student ‘turns-in’ their work – the teacher is notified (via the spotlight tab) and it can be marked. You can either download the full document or click the handy little ‘view’ button to see the document via Scribd. You can input a simple ?? / ?? score and give feedback direct to the student – brilliant.


As a teacher you will also love the handy screen that lists all your students with a green ‘turned-in’ or red ‘not turned-in’ tab under each avatar. So easy to follow up on assignments. Brilliant!

 Edmodo also makes it very easy to offer that little bit extra help to your students as this post (made at 3:30 on the day the homework was set) illustrates…



  After reading I did a walkthrough with the class on the Tuesday morning… although strictly speaking… I didn’t. One of my students did. Possibly my least enthusiastic student and one who has NEVER handed in a piece of homework in the 6 months I’ve taught him – had already handed in his assignment – and he volunteered to do it again and show the class. So he did, from scratch, on the IWB for the rest of the class to see – absolutely brilliant!




Such a shame that those members of my class who didn’t do their homework on Monday evening won’t get to do it this way… good job there’s not many of them 😉


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