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Edmodo 1 – Introduction

Posted by alexfinlayson on August 11, 2009

EdmodoMr F are we using Edmodo today?

Mr F did you read what I wrote on Edmodo this morning?

 I love how enthusiastic my daughter is about her homework, thank you

Mr F will you be on Edmodo after school?

Can I please show the class the video I posted on Edmodo yesterday?

Mr F, my brother said he would’ve loved school if he’d had stuff like that

Miss? Why don’t we use Edmodo?

I’m worried that your kids next teacher might find it hard to inspire the class if they don’t use Edmodo too

 I’ve been putting off writing a post about Edmodo for some time – at first because I didn’t really use it after I signed up, then because I wasn’t too sure what to do with it, then I got a bit carried away with it and forgot – and then, they upgraded it so I figured I may as well wait and see what happens.

So let me put it into perspective for you –

  • Every member of my class is now a regular user of Edmodo – EVERY member.

  • Nearly all homework is set through Edmodo

  • That homework is returned to me through Edmodo – by EVERY student (I’ve never had that)

  • I can mark work and give grades via Edmodo

  • Correspondence with parents is becoming increasingly dominated by Edmodo

  • I use Edmodo as my base-point in class

  • Yes, my students do use it a lot to ‘chit-chat’


I have had so much more ‘independent’ work handed in to me than before we integrated Edmodo into our learning…

 So the big question… What is it and why the enthusiasm?

 In their own words…


I won’t bother with a walkthrough style set-up as the one provided by the guys at Edmodo is thoroughly proficient…


Why does it appeal to my students and their parents?

Simply: because it looks and behaves like Facebook or Twitter.

BUT… it is designed specifically for educators.

 For me, the main issue with education authority-provided web tools is that they pre-date the ascension of Web 2.0 and unfortunately they just don’t cut it in the real ‘cyber’ world. Edmodo does.

NB: I prepared this post on the Monday evening. On Tuesday morning I received word that head office was not happy with my use of Edmodo for a variety of reasons. On Thursday I am having a conference with the bigwigs to explain my choices. I’ve made the decision to keep the post as normal because even if they stop me using it with my class – many others will not have that problem and I still wish to share with everyone the many wonderful positive uses that I have found with Edmodo. I will make posts far more frequently than I intended (I planned for one a week) so please keep coming back… and many thanks to all the wonderful people on Twitter and other forums who have shown me their support – thank you.

Future posts: Edmodo In Class, Edmodo Assignments/Homework, Edmodo Social Utility, and Edmodo-whatever-else-I-think-of-that-doesn’t-fit-into-the-other-categories


10 Responses to “Edmodo 1 – Introduction”

  1. RobJ said

    Hang in their! As long as you keep doing what is right for the kids in your class, you can’t go wrong. Unfortunately, many don’t see engagement as learning. I’ve used Edmodo before with several classes and they are by far way more engaged in our learning process (more so than my kids who are in a more tradition class setting).

    Keep fighting for the kids and the process!

    • alexfinlayson said

      Cheers man, I actually really like my EA – they’re always coming up with cool different things for schools to engage in. I’m hoping to convince them of the benefits of Edmodo – I understand peoples concerns over privacy and the like but you know, that’s what we teach kids about… they’d all be on MSN, Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace anyway – this way it’s safe and educational – bonus!

  2. Chris Webb said

    I believe Edmodo is an amazing tool. One of my middle school Language Arts teachers (twitter: @tscheeler) uses it exclusively with all of his classes, and will continue to do so this coming school year. I blogged about his experiences last year:

    Keep up the good work!

    • alexfinlayson said

      Me too Chris, me too. I’m hoping to convince the powers that be of its great potential. The fact that it mirrors Web2.0 tools while remaining safe is a big plus for me. I have nothing against the areas provided by my EA – I’ve used them extensively for 3 years – I just feel that this tool is more attractive to students and their families – obviously I teach extensively about web safety – that’s my job!
      Love your blog mate – like the question/answer format – very cool.
      All the best

  3. Keep up your great work with Edmodo. You are a leader!

  4. Keep fighting. Pioneers need to persevere.

    I’m interested in the parent communication aspect that you wrote about. What system have you created to make this happen using Edmodo? That would make using Edmodo almost perfect.


    • alexfinlayson said

      Thank you for your comments Ben – much appreciated. I will blog more extensively on the subject at a later date but with regards to your question about parents – I recently took my guys on a camp to the rainforest – I set up a group on Edmodo and shared the code with parents so they could leave messages for their kids (Edmodo works very well on my mobile) I had a great number of messages and decided to keep it running after the camp thus allowing the parents to play a greater part in what their kids were doing in school – I had a lot of plans for it but sadly they’re all postponed. A huge positive of Edmodo was the parental reaction – lets hope they get behind me tomorrow and I can justify/prove it’s value for my class.
      Thanks again,

  5. Good luck with your meeting on Thursday. Surely with the feedback from your students AND their parents they’ll see the benefits of using these tools. Keep up the good work.

    • alexfinlayson said

      Thank you Pam – I hope they’ll let me continue working with Edmodo – I can’t stress enough how much it has motivated my class – amazing!

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