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Myst – The Interactive Story

Posted by alexfinlayson on July 11, 2009

So here it is – the final product. Hope it works. It’s quite a large file so please be patient if your internet connection is as bad as mine out here in Central Queensland

One problem – the hyperlinks don’t seem to be working so you can only read it slide by slide – which kind of negates the entire point – but you still get the general idea.

I’ve attached a PPT file which you can download for the interactive experience.

The Myst Story

Please can you leave some feedback via comments that I can share with my class, thank you


3 Responses to “Myst – The Interactive Story”

  1. Mrs Juler said

    Hello to Mr Finlayson’s class,
    Well guys what you have done is amazing. I have been ‘doing’ Myst with my class too and can’t wait to share what you have done with them. You have been able to see what good writers do all the time. Each one of you placed yourself in a place and time and told the reader what you could hear, see, smell, touch and feel. Your readers then get great pictures in their heads of the experience you are describing. Describing is where readers see the place and time and can be part of it with you. I can see that you know that the words that you use can do that. Words create pictures for the reader.
    I can also see that you know that the stuff that you write has to be able to be understood by people who read it so they know your message. Spelling and the way you use punctuation do this.
    Myst rules hey? How lucky are you to have a teacher who saw what this game was about.

    • alexfinlayson said

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, if you don’t mind I would like my class to compose an email of thanks to you? It will be a while – taking them into the rainforest this week. Thanks again, Mr F

  2. Denise Tarlinton said

    Dear Mr Finlayson and students,

    I have to admit that I am a big fan of Myst so I just loved Myst- The Interactive Story! I think it’s just so exciting the way you have used screen grabs, your own art work and cleverly developed storylines to create an exciting interactive experience for readers. I love your use of descriptive words, particularly the way you have used expanded noun groups to describe the various settings within the story. As I read the story I was completely engaged with the images and your narrative. Thank you so much for sharing it on the Internet.

    Warmest wishes,
    Mrs Tarlinton :o)

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