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Myst – Art

Posted by alexfinlayson on June 25, 2009

We are coming close to the end of our Myst unit and the guys are working hard on their interactive stories.
Over the course of the unit we have completed a number of art activities. One of them was the very simple, yet effective, creation of a Myst Landscape Silhouette.
The procedure is very simple,
1) I showed the students various landscape drawings and we discussed the colours of the sky at various times of the day.
2) We looked through a number of key landscapes throughout the Myst Ages and described what we saw.
3) Talked about mixing colours and using broad brush strokes to help with the ‘sky effect’
4) We looked at silhouettes and discussed the position of the sun, the way we ‘see’ light and how we can portray key landmarks with cut-out silhouettes.
5) Students made a written plan of what area of Myst they would portray as a silhouette – this included what colours they would need and what landscapes they would cut out.
6) We did it.

The criteria was simple, the landscape has to be recognisable as somewhere on Myst Island or one of the Ages.
Here are a few samples…

The Tower on Myst IslandMyst IslandThe Channelwood AgeThe Clock as seen from Myst IslandThe Clock TowerThe crystals on the Spaceship AgeThe rocks in Stoneship AgeThe rocks on the stoneship ageThe spaceship as seen from Myst Island


5 Responses to “Myst – Art”

  1. Great art work! I’ve never played Myst so I don’t recognise them, but reading about the work you guys have beeb doing i think I might look for a copy.

  2. Wow! They are so beautiful! We love Myst! I first played it about 15 years ago (I think) and now am reliving it by using the Myst iPhone app. My daughter thinks it’s fabulous and it is wonderful to see her enjoying it just as I did. Kind of like your most favourite book – it’s very special to you.
    I see you have even chosen “Myst colours”, like the rich purples, reds and blues. They really make the artwork stand out even more.
    I’m looking forward to reading your interactive story very much!
    Mrs B 🙂

    • alexfinlayson said

      The Myst app on iPhone sold it for me! Saving my pennies for one now… thank you so much for the comments, I’ll pass them on to the class. They really enjoyed the unit and one of my eagle-eyed kids noticed I’d installed Riven (the sequel) on my PC – we’ll get to that later… thanks again, Mr F

  3. Fantastic art work, the students have definitely captured the Myst landscape. My class is using Myst masterpiece edition in class, and we are using some ideas from your Myst unit, I think we need to upgrade to realMyst though!

    • alexfinlayson said

      Thanks Wendy – realMyst is really good, it has the same gameplay as the later Myst games where it is all free-roaming rather than skipping from image to image. It’s a shame that Riven is not 3D – my kids are really keen for it but I honestly think they’ll be bored by the sketchy/out-dated gameplay (plus it’s not as good in my view)
      Best wishes to you and your class

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