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Posted by alexfinlayson on June 10, 2009

Those with eagle-eyes might be able to tell that all recent posts were updated on the same day – this is because I am completely unable to export my Education Queensland Learning Place blog into WordPress.

I have just spent a good few hours after work (which I’m sure to pay for on my return home) cutting and pasting from one blog to another -it was hellishly annoying – especially as images had to be uploaded individually and the current Internet connection is no faster than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping (thank you Blackaddar)

So , is it worth it? Blogging I mean.

I certainly hope so – I get (steal) a lot of good ideas from the blogs of other teachers – if a persevere then hopefully someone else will find something worthwhile in this blog.

I’m new to WordPress but here are some observations –

1) You get what you pay for (I didn’t pay anything…  hmm!?)

2) To my knowledge it has more features than other Blog providers

3) Their own spellchecker does not recognise ‘blog’ or ‘wordpress’ – interesting

4) It is very user-friendly to do the simple stuff

5) If you have a good internet connection you maybe won’t have issues with those things that make your forehead throb

I’ll keep plodding on but for now I better go home…


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